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THERE’s ALWAYS ONE part of every story that’s never told, and yet it’s the most intriguing. It’s the enigma constantly starring you in the face only to be revealed when you slow down and read between the lines.

 In a not so distant past, my world consisted of early morning mad dashes to the office, with a coffee & blackberry in one hand and a croissant in the other. Only to be greeted with a stack of paperwork, emails to be returned, phone calls to be made and schedule full of meetings. It was crazy and brilliant and I loved every moment. And then one day fate stepped in and everything changed.

  I wish I could say I’ve always known what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I’m not surprised I landed here. With a family tree filled with some of the most lively, clever, creative souls you’ll ever meet, I believe my destiny was set from the get go. And even though I majored in Design at the University of Minnesota and then later Interior Design at Suffolk University’s NESAD, my God-given talents were always treated as a side gig.


second chances

 So, in the spirit of those magical movie moment take-two opportunities, I kicked off my corporate stilettos, slipped into my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars and set off on a new adventure.

 If I had to choose one word that best describes my style, it would be symbolic. There are always two stories intertwined into one; the obvious and the untold. After studying Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, I’ve always been fascinated with the subtle use of symbolic undertones in art & design and have tried to incorporate those same principals into my own work. Because to me, the meaning behind the silent truth is what truly keeps life exciting.

 Welcome to Atelier No.22! It’s nothing fancy. Just a glimpse into a fun & quirky real-life world based on ingenuity, creative chutzpah and more importantly, it’s all done on a shoe-string budget. Don’t just live life, experience it.



... I kicked off my corporate stilettos, slipped into my favorite pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars  and set off on a new adventure.
Dedicated to Bob & Betty Jo Fulgency