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...and stay awhile, 2008

A DIVERSE COLLECTION of colors and shapes, combined with an assortment of rich, sensuous textures, modishly adorns this entryway. Coats, bags and other outerwear accessories perform and function as “working art”. Inspired by the open coat closet of The Gropius House, (designed in 1938, by architect and founder of the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius), this contempo adaptation offers much the same with its open concept, simple lines and use of industrial brushed steel and chromed metals.

 Originally designed to be used as kitchen pot and wine glass racks, this hanging coat closet provides ample outerwear storage for its owners and their visiting guests.

 Taking advantage of the entry’s small, dead end space - large steel hooks are mounted into the ceiling’s joists, and two metal pot racks are suspended from industrial metal chains. Complimentary chrome hangers and baskets, set atop for easy organization of hats, gloves and scarves, unify the look of this once unusable living area.