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master of illusion, 2009

IT APPEARS to be floating, or is it? It’s a unique love story– Arts & Crafts meets Bauhaus meets Houdini.

  The Twentieth Century started off with an innovative bang, as early industrial trailblazers of invention, design and architecture set forth a flood of rapid change & transformation to everyday life.

 The Arts & Crafts Movement was a direct result of the Industrial Age. Tired, overused, mass produced revival styles were out and simple, streamlined artisan designs were in. The Bauhaus Style expanded on the Arts & Crafts Movement, yet embraced technology, utilized modern materials & designed for mass production.

 In keeping with the simplistic design & traditional craftsmanship both movements demand, staggering rich, dark stained 1 x 2 boards are placed on a single sheet of wood and held together with a simple wood-dowel construction. White modern elements embellish the drafting desk’s underside, including a minimal-styled metal wire elfa® drawer system.

  And the magnificent eyetrick? Voila! White metal modular shelving brackets and an antique industrial two pulley system anchored into the ceiling joist above, magically carry the balance of weight.