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creative movement, 2009

WELL, HELLO extra workspace. In a small studio having additional space to spread out is always welcomed.

  The vintage black metal flat file architect’s cabinet provides ample storage for blueprints and artwork, but also has a tremendous amount of table top space. In order to properly utilize the cabinet to its full potential, the professional, stand-alone piece goes from stationary unit to mobile work table.  

 It’s a traditional factory-style dolly, with an early Twentieth Century modern design. Handcrafted dark, Jacobean-color stained 1 x 2 boards are cut to size, evenly spaced over two 2 x 4s and nailed into place. To maximize easy mobility, four large industrial castors with rubber wheels are attached to the bottom of each corner.   

 By adding a simple, yet necessary addition to the massive, heavy-duty steel cabinet, space & storage now conveniently goes anywhere it’s needed.