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a delicious moment, acrylic, 2009

REMINISCENT of Claude Monet’s Water-Lily Pond series, the beautiful mix of color from the blended layers of earlier paints on the hardwood planks became the inspiration behind this captivating love story.

 Beneath the tranquil cerulean waters, immortal lovers unite tête-à-tête in a tender moment of romantic affection. Complementary colors of aquatic blues, fiery reds and brilliant oranges, intermingled with radiant silken whites; transcends the viewer into a vibrant dimension of perpetual harmony. Surrendering hearts trust their most precious gift is safe in the hands of the other. A subtle contour of an open heart, by this union, signifies their unconditional love.

  According to Chinese legend, if a Koi, traveling upstream against the heavy current, successfully reaches the top of the waterfall (on the Yellow River), it will be magically transformed into a magnificent dragon. Based on this ancient tale, The Dragon Gate, Koi have come to represent: perseverance in the face of adversity, strength of character & purpose, and advancement in life.

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