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inn’er calm, 2013

CONFUCIUS SAY... A hospitable host has a friend for life. Nothing says, “You are special” more, than to welcome a visiting guest with a relaxing and inviting space.

  Elegant & serene, this luxury home retreat, resembles that of an upscale hotel room. The simple childlike scene of a Chinese fishing village portrayed in the drapery fabric is the inspiration behind this stylish guest room. Challenged by its small size, lack of closet space and no overhead lighting– vertical elements, accentuating the tall ceilings; along with a warm, nature-friendly color palette, simple clean-lined furniture, soft gentle lighting, creative storage and a classic cohesive design style, gives the illusion of more space. While a neutral background of ivory colored walls, shag rug and Egyptian cotton linens, allows each unique piece to stand out, yet harmoniously work as a whole.

  To keep the traditional decor from feeling stuffy and predictable, fresh contemporary accent pieces are incorporated, including a modern oversized painting of a pug. And a beautiful, wooden Chinese screen, with red silk insert panels and modern brushed chrome wall sconces, can’t help but be the exclamation point of this classic design.   

 So, welcome! Enjoy. And don’t forget to hang a sign on the door...  Insert Gone Fishing!  

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Matthew 22:39 “ your neighbor as yourself.”