N I C O L E   F U L G E N C Y
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no reservation needed, 2009

ALL-INCLUSIVE, this  private retreat’s nerve-center offers healthy-living storage solutions for a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

  Fresh white walls and neutral accessories act as a blank canvas to help calm and open the mind. While a colorful motif of gentle loving Koi, swimming in a fish pond, painted on the wooden floor below, heightens the need to let go and disconnect.   

 The tall ceilings are utilized to create an abundance of vertical storage— where soft, fluffy white towels; fresh, clean linens; and all the comforts of healthy-living reside. Zenic healing aids greet you at the door in the form of pampering textures, displayed in the easily accessible antique glass pickling jars.

  To help maintain the balance and harmony of this serene oasis, elfa® storage systems and crisp, linen-covered boxes are brought in to organize and conceal unruly items– such as extra toiletries, cleaning products and laundry.

  It’s a space solely dedicated to total health and well-being.