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sophisticated whimsy, 2008

OUT-of-the-BOX thinking? Absolutely!

  Reflecting the owner’s sense of style and personality, this city-chic attic office is designed to ignite the imagination and enhance the creative process.  

 Classic B&W Chanel signature colors are the main event in this sexy and inviting workspace. Set atop the floor’s hand painted, Art Deco-styled compass, sprinkled hints of bright colors, luscious textiles, slick modern accents, and ultra-urbane furnishings define its uniqueness.

  Dark wood furniture, combined with neutral-linen tufted wall-panels soften the look of the matter-of-fact B&W space. Natural elements of glass and brushed chrome also add to the warm feel.

 Simple & neat, the office easily maintains its posh appearance, thanks to sleek, white lacquer shelving, a traditional-styled mini credenza and a rolling storage bin tucked out-of-sight under the daybed. Everyday office supplies turn funky-fun as they are incorporated into the design via clear acrylic bins and modern circular glass vases.

 This glam-slam attic office is the perfect way to separate work from personal life. It’s an inspiring space that is both professional and functional.

BEFORE photographs
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Dedicated to Teddy Cain
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