N I C O L E   F U L G E N C Y
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edgar, acrylic, 2013

HE’S A LITTLE BIT POP, a little bit abstract, and with no question– he’s a whole lot of contemporary. Blessings come in many shapes & sizes and with a face only a mother could love, this charismatic, crazy soulful eyed, snorty nosed, heart-string tugger makes an unforgettable first impression. Okay, yes, it’s hard not to notice this six-foot oversized, in-your-face modern adaptation of man’s BFF, but just look at ‘dat mug.

 Enchanting audiences of all ages, the Imperial pooch, adds color and a sort of gentle drama to a tranquil and traditional English/Asian designed space. The soft fluffy cloud-like background of cool crisp greens, pale creamy yellows and velvety cocoa browns lay the foundation. While the top layer, with it’s contrasting controlled stroke style, depicts a simple version of a pug dog highlighting only his standout features.

  Fun, amusing and full of life, Edgar (said with an strong British accent) is a delightful little BIG companion.