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eye candy, 2008

        ONCEIVED from childhood trips         to the candy store, this bedroom’s        small  closet   problem  became  a grown-up girl’s dream come true.

  Remember the moment you set foot into your very first candy store? That exhilarating rush you felt from seeing all those floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with sparkling jars of confectionary bliss? It was pure heaven every where you looked—vibrant colors, yummy textures,  savory shapes and Ohh. . . the endless assortment of flavors. All you could think was, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

 Now take that feeling and fast-forward to today and this time, it’s shoes.

  Traditional-black dresses this tower of shelving, making it the perfect backdrop to showcase this magnificent symphony of color and form. Antique hooks on the adjacent door, add to the fun, flirty space and serve as the perfect handbag totem.

  Tucked outside the bedroom’s small closet, this owner’s secret passion can stay private or with a mere swoosh of the door, easily incorporated into the room’s modest composition as that one WOW!-factor.