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it’s not just for travel anymore, 2008

UPCYCLE CHIC is the latest design trend in the ‘Go Green’ movement. As a collective conscience, our redirected focus to re-use, re-purpose or recycle existing items into -similar or different-, functioning fashion has opened the door to  new, unique OOAK* possibilities.

  It was considered the workhorse of its day, traveling aboard majestic, 20th-century luxury ocean liners. The vintage, leather-covered flat top made the transatlantic crossing may times, before it finally retired in the late 1950’s. What once held clothing and personal belongings, during long distance trips overseas, is now performing in much the same capacity, but in a new, more permanent venue.

 Originally, this steamer trunk was designed to operate horizontally, with the lid opening at the top. Yet, by tipping the trunk on its side, it allows for easy access to everyday stored items, without disturbing the upper display surface. To maintain its integrity, while extending wardrobe storage, a removable two-tier free standing shelving unit, made from recycled wood, is added to the interior. Throw in a few linen covered storage boxes, and you have a stylish, OOAK designer piece.


* OOAK = one of a kind.

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